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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Corner Wardrobe

The wardrobe is one of the furniture that we often use in our bedroom. With the increasing quality of life, many people in the purchase of wardrobe will choose custom-made closet, so thewardrobe has a plenty of shapes. Among them, corner wardrobe is a closet style that many people will choose. So what are the advantages of corner closet, corner closet purchase matters, the following article will introduce it to you.

Advantages of Corner Wardrobe

1. Make up for household defects

We are now the bedroom is not all relatively square, some small house space room corner is more prominent, so the choice of corner closet is very suitable, it can be the corner of the wall cleverly blocked, so that the interior space appears more exquisite.

2. Increase space utilization

Bedroom wall corners belong to the dead corner, usually difficult to be used, however, corner closet can make this dead space reuse, greatly increasing the utilization of space.

3. Storage function is more powerful

Corner closet has a strong storage function, can store a lot of furniture supplies and clothing, at the same time can be set up in the corner closet hanging area, let us take to more convenient.

4. A stronger sense of the whole

We in the bedroom decoration are concerned about the wind coordination and unity, and the corner closet can be two closet connected, looks more comfortable and exquisite, the overall sense is also stronger.

Disdvantages of Corner Wardrobe

1. Two groups of closet placed together, adjacent to the two doors open always bumping (a door with a handle, a door without a handle). The cabinet door handle paint and cabinet door plate surface protection is not conducive.

2. A group of closet only a door handle, open another cabinet door is very inconvenient.

3. The corner of the closet interior in addition to hanging clothes hangers, and stacked clothing partitions. Due to the corner closet door opening limited, take the stacked clothing is very inconvenient.


Purchase Matters of Corner Wardrobe

1. Pay attention to the material of the closet

We need to pay attention to the material of the closet when we buy corner closet, the current furniture material has solid wood and board wood, different materials, there are certain differences in price. We can choose according to their actual situation.

2. Pay attention to the plate veneer usually excellent quality corner closet plate veneer are after high temperature, high pressure treatment, it's in the strength, friction resistance and other performance is quite excellent.

3. The environmental protection of the material we buy corner closet, but also need to pay attention to the environmental protection of the material, usually closet in the production will add a variety of adhesives, paints, etc., so usually contain a certain amount of formaldehyde. Therefore, when we buy and sell, you can use your nose to smell to see if there will be obvious irritating smell.

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