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The Characteristics and Selection Advantages of Light Luxury Furniture

1. The characteristics of light luxury furniture products

(1) The combination of Italian style and modern style

It integrates Italian light luxury style and modern popular elements, which can not only show the owner's luxury, but also reflect the simple form, and can reflect the owner's artistic cultivation and taste.

(2) The fusion of old and new styles

Light luxury post-modern home furniture effectively integrates new and old styles, which plays a role in splitting the difference. At the same time, it uses a variety of expression techniques to make light luxury post-modern furniture products have their own unique style and artistic pursuit.

(3) Most products take the rectangle as the frame

The light luxury modern furniture products generally take a rectangle as the basic frame, and the edges and corners of the panels are cleverly treated with ovals, using a large number of exquisite and elegant arc designs, which are full of rhythmic beauty, gentle and outstanding. The forward-looking and eclectic design concept caters to the aesthetic tastes of the upstarts.


2. The "light luxury style" of light luxury furniture products

(1) The focuses of light luxury furniture products are details and quality. There are good-quality materials, design and culture, designers, brand history, and product cultural ideas. The most important thing is that it has a certain luxury element, which is the so-called "looking expensive".

Different from classical furniture products, the high-level sense of light luxury furniture products is not presented through carvings, tedious details, and complicated curves.

On the contrary, light luxury furniture products can be perfectly integrated with new Chinese, American, Nordic and other popular furniture product styles, and there are many products with simplicity, fashion and modernity as the main design ideas. Light luxury furniture products even pay more attention to chasing the trend of the times than other furniture products.

(2) Consumers who choose light luxury furniture products are actually choosing an exquisite lifestyle. This is somewhat similar to the "petty bourgeoisie life" that was popular a few years ago. With the gradual improvement of residents' living standards, it is foreseeable that there will be more development space for light luxury furniture products.

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