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The Direction and Advantages of Whole House Customization

Whole house customization is a one-stop home solution that integrates home design, customization, and installation services. According to the individual needs of consumers, combined with the spatial characteristics of different families, customize the individualized size, layout, appearance design, and material of various furniture.

Ⅰ. The content of the whole house customization

1. Bedroom furniture: wardrobes, bedside tables, dressing tables, beds, bed stools, tatami mats, desks, etc.;

2. Kitchen furniture: cabinets, display cabinets, wine cabinets, countertops;

3. Hallway furniture: hallway cabinets, shoe cabinets;

4. Living room furniture: background wall, TV cabinet;

5. Bathroom furniture: integral bathroom cabinet;

6. Study furniture: desks, bookcases, bedside tables.

All of the above are the main new Chinese furniture products.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of whole house customization?

1. The level of craftsmanship in the whole house customization is high and the quality is more guaranteed.

2. It can be customized according to customer needs, including various colors, styles, structures, and styles. The product has personality and is not repeated;

3. The overall style is consistent. When buying finished furniture products, it is often difficult to fully meet the demand. Furniture purchased from multiple sources will inevitably have too many elements and styles.

4. Make better use of space, such as customizing U-shaped cabinets, which can flexibly avoid corner posts. When there is a bevel, there is a stair corner, which can be used as a workroom or reading corner.


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