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The Post-90s Hot Mom Creates the Scenery in the Wizard of OZ, Balcony Cat House + Dream Children's Room, It's Amazing!

With cute babies and cats at home, can you still create a real version of the Wizard of Oz? Bamboo green trendy color + balcony cat house at the same time? The post-90s hot mom's home is amazing. It adopts the theme of the Wizard of Oz in HOLIKE LIVE space. It is light luxury and fashion, and you can enjoy a comfortable and slow life.

1. Design highlights of furniture products

(1) One room for multiple purposes: guest bedroom + work area + fitness area;

(2) The children's room is designed with bunk beds, and the space is sufficient;

(3) Integrate the habits of cats to create a balcony cat house;

(4) The trendy color of green bamboo creates a natural and harmonious atmosphere.

2. The design of home furniture

(1) Entrance

Bamboo green + Els wood grain color, natural and quiet, as if you are in the deep forest and green fields, you can feel the tranquil atmosphere of nature when you enter the door.


(2) Living room

The entrance cabinet is connected with the TV cabinet, forming a natural transition from the entrance to the living room. The L-shaped TV cabinet combined with the high cabinet and the base cabinet can be used for storage and display, with the combination of exposure and concealment, bringing more possibilities to the owner's life.


3. Balcony cat house

The balcony is a happy playground for cat owners. The one door to the top cabinet can store cat toys, snacks, etc. The base cabinets by the window are upholstered, which are turned into a lazy and relaxing area. Petting the cat in your spare time, or basking in the sun with the cat, is very healing.


The cat climbing frame, cat footpath and cat scratching board are designed to perfectly satisfy the active habits of cats. Cats can release their natural instincts here and have a lot of fun.


4. Kitchen area

The combination of open cabinets, to-the-top storage cabinets and glass cabinets creates a luxurious and natural dining atmosphere. The owner likes to invite friends to have a party at home. With the U-shaped kitchen layout, it will not be crowded when many people cook together.


5. Master bedroom

with the combination of the wardrobe and dressing table, changing clothes and dressing are in one step, the movement line is appropriate, the internal layout of the wardrobe is reasonable and scientifically partitioned, and the clothes and bags of the owner and his wife can be properly stored.


The desk with drawer and storage cabinet at the end of the bed are scattered, creating a quiet and peaceful reading corner. Combined with the trendy color of bamboo green, the natural and harmonious atmosphere is max!


6. Children's room

The owner has two daughters. Of course, the children's room is both beautiful and practical. The designer specially chose cheese yellow to create a warm and bright space atmosphere. The owner and the children are very satisfied.


7. Multi-functional room

The multi-functional room is designed with a rollover bed, which is a good place for guests to stay overnight. Put it up and put a fitness mat on it, and it can become a gym in seconds. It can be used for dance exercises and yoga. And it can also be used as the study room. It is so multipurpose.


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