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The Post-95s Collector of Designer Toys Lives in the 73㎡ French Light Luxury Home Alone, and the Peers Are So Jealous!

Living alone in the busy city, with a great aesthetic taste, and "living" only for his passion, the urban upstart has lived a different life. His home kitchen and kitchen are fully connected, and he has a luxurious master bedroom, perhaps giving life a unique answer sheet.

1. Design highlights of furniture products

(1) Gray and white collocation, full of French light luxury trend

(2) The dining room and kitchen are fully connected, so there is no pressure to open a party

(3) Display cabinet of designer toys, storage + display

(4) Collection cabinet of trendy shoes, a must for shoe collectors

2. Furnitures design for different positions in the interior

(1) Entrance: create a personalized display area, and the shoe cabinet is full of high-end sense.

When entering the home, there is a glass shoe cabinet that stands above the ground. With warm light strips, the space is full of high-end atmosphere. The owner's collection of sneakers is all placed here. The orderly storage is clean and tidy.


(2) Living room: sincere design to unlock more functions in the space.

The traditional TV design is canceled, and the TV cabinet on the whole wall is responsible for the main storage task of the living room. Light princess cloth pattern cabinet body + dawn white pattern door panel, gentle and soft, outlines a sense of high-end light luxury.


The owner knows that formaldehyde is harmful, and chooses the original formaldehyde-purifying bamboo board from HOLIKE, which can purify indoor formaldehyde and resist bacteria, so that the owner can breathe freely without worry.

(3) Dining and kitchen area: an open kitchen to shorten the social distance.

The dining room and kitchen adopt an open design, making the space more open and free. It can be easily used for one person's meal and three or five friends' gatherings for drinks.


The L-shaped kitchen is designed according to the golden moving line of washing, cutting and frying, and the cooking efficiency is greatly upgraded!

(4) Master bedroom + study room: a collection of trendy designer toys, creating a personal private world.

The master bedroom is designed with a one-line cloakroom, and the ultra-high cabinet provides more storage space. Kenny's trendy clothes and clothing brand samples can be stored.


The owner is a hardcore player of trendy toys, so the designer created two collection cabinets for him. The glass door cabinet is combined with the open cabinet, which is visually clean, transparent and very high-end.


The balcony is incorporated into the master bedroom, creating an open-plan study, keeping the area spacious enough for more freedom of movement.

The towering bookcase is convenient for collecting trophies and artworks. The Muse

gray cabinet body and the arctic gray door panel are simple, beautiful and atmospheric.


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