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Tips for Maintaining the European-style Sofa

1. Cleaning cycle of the European style sofa

The best cleaning cycle of European style sofas is once a year. When cleaning, use special fabric sofa cleaners, clean them carefully, and place them in a cool, ventilated place to air dry. Do not dry them in the sun, because fabric will fade or discolor. After using the cleanser, wipe the cleanser all over with a dry towel to ensure a clean appearance.


2. Remove dust on the European style sofa

The European style fabric sofa has many gaps, and it is easy to accumulate dust. After a long time, the brilliance of the European style fabric sofa will be reduced, and there is no way to clean the dust with a general brush. Therefore, when cleaning the European style fabric sofa, you should first use a vacuum cleaner to carefully clean the surroundings of the European style fabric sofa to remove dust, including small gaps in armrests and backrests.

3. Sit on different position of the European style sofas

Fabric sofas are not as wear-resistant as leather sofas. After sitting in the first position for a long time, you will find that the color of the fabric in that place is lighter, and the fabric feels thinner. Therefore, when using European style fabric sofas, you should be careful not to always sit on the same position. You need to change places to sit frequently.

If a loose interface is found at the connection of the European style sofa, it should be repaired immediately. If you see the thread, don't pull it hard with your hands, you should cut it off with scissors.

4. Remove the stains of the European style sofa

If you accidentally leave a stain on the fabric sofa, you should wipe it repeatedly with a dry towel dipped in fabric cleaner as soon as possible until the stain is no longer visible. Remind everyone not to wipe the European fabric style sofa with a wet towel.

5. Fluff up the cushions of European style sofa

In addition to cleaning the fabric of the fabric sofa, you should also pay attention to the cushions for leaning and sitting of the fabric sofa. You should shake the cushions every week, and fluff up them again to relax the padding inside the cushions.

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