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Warm Milk Coffee Brown + Building Block Space, 128㎡ Three-bedroom Can Be Called a Paradise for Children and Adults!

How did you celebrate Children's Day? I believe that most parents take their children out to play, eat and drink, but Manni, the owner of this case, has done the opposite. A family of three spends the holidays and enjoys a happy parent-child time at home. Let's take a look at their trendy home.

1. Design highlights of furniture products

(1) Multifunctional space for building blocks, full of fun and joy;

(2) Stainless steel kitchen with built-in oven, beautiful and practical;

(3) The master bedroom is equipped with a cloakroom with a lot of storage space;

(4) The milk coffee brown in the whole house conveys tranquility and serenity.

2. Furnitures design for different parts of the interior

(1) Entrance

The entrance cabinet is specially set aside for a shoe-changing stool, which makes it easier for children to sit and put on shoes. The clothes hook + the central space is designed to facilitate the collection of personal belongings when entering the door and free hands.


(2) Kitchen area

Light-colored cabinets and dining tables and chairs form a unified visual tone, which not only satisfies the owner's pursuit of a simple and natural style, but also makes the space appear more open and clear.


The steamer and oven are embedded in the high cabinet of the kitchen, which is visually simple and neat. The stainless steel cabinet is used, which is mildew-proof, moisture-proof and easy to clean. Even if you bake with children, you don't need to clean up the "battlefield".

(3) Balcony

The balcony cabinet is designed in sections, the upper hanging cabinet is used to store the cleaning tools, and the built-in washing machine + base cabinet is visually unified as a whole, and the sink countertop can be transformed into a simple operation table.


(4) Multifunctional space of building blocks

Manni has a wealth of hobbies and interests. She is a building block enthusiast. She has been playing with building blocks for more than 10 years. During the renovation, she decisively transformed the second bedroom into a building block theme space.


The large bookcase continues the main color of the living room, and the trendy color of milk coffee brown is matched with the glass cabinet door, which can meet the storage of a large number of books and become a treasure space integrating entertainment, social interaction and learning.

(5) Master bedroom

The cloakroom extends from the left side of the entrance to the bedside, a half-height cabinet is set under the windowsill, and a dressing table is built at the corner. It is completely based on the layout of the master bedroom.


The high cabinet to the top makes full use of the storage space. Gray glass door + milk coffee brown cabinet door, the combination of virtual and real, adds a sense of breathing to the space.


(6) Girls room

Soot powder + apricot white + light concubine fabric pattern, with childlike arc decorative panels, together create a girl's room full of romance.


The combination design of hanging cabinet + piano not only makes full use of the space above and below the wall, but also allows children to practice piano, exercise patience, and cultivate children's musical talent since childhood. The owner and his family are very satisfied.


Some people say that the place of peace of mind is home, and the owner said that he is very fortunate to have a happy home. The traces of life of three meals and four seasons can be found in every corner of the home. Rich hobbies and interests are the best home decoration. Who doesn't love such a home?

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