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What Are the Characteristics of European Furniture?

The European pastoral styles are divided mainly into two specific styles: British and French. European furniture focuses on the manifestation of nature, but different pastoral types have different styles. And there are a variety of pastoral styles, including Chinese, European, and even South Asian, each with its own characteristics and charm.

1. British pastoral style home furniture

The British pastoral style is characterized by gorgeous fabrics and pure handmade production. Different patterns, including the floral, stripe, Scottish plaid, every fabric is full of local characteristics. The furniture materials are mostly pine wood and toon wood, and the production and carving are all finished by humans and very particular.

2. French pastoral style home furniture

The French pastoral style is characterized by the whitewashing of furniture and bold color matching. The whitewashing treatment of home furniture can make the furniture present classic beauty, and the combination of red, yellow, and blue reveals the fertile scene of the land, and the simplified curly arc and exquisite decoration of the chair legs are also the embodiment of French elegant country life.

3. Features of European pastoral style home furniture

(1) The main features of European pastoral style design in terms of modeling are interesting curves, asymmetric rules, soft and gorgeous colors, and advocating for nature. Emphasis on the manifestation of nature is the main feature of the European pastoral style. The European pastoral style emphasizes the characteristics of romance and modern popism while expressing nature.

(2) European pastoral style living room needs European furniture and soft decoration to create an overall effect. Dark furniture and brightly colored fabric sofas are the protagonists in the European pastoral style living room.

(3) Most of the modern European style furniture is milky white, ivory white, and other white. High-grade birch, catalpa wood, etc., are used as the frame, with high-grade environmentally friendly MDF as the inner panel, elegant shape, such as European style interior doors. With exquisite lines and high-grade paint treatment, every product exudes a calm and elegant feeling, which makes people excited and dreamy.

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