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What Are the Requirements for the Designer of Whole House Interior Design?

Ⅰ. What should the designer of the whole house interior design master?

1. The whole house designer first needs to learn to master various drawing software, such as CAD, 3DMAX, PS, SU, etc.

2. The designer of the whole house design should also learn and master the theoretical knowledge of the industry, such as ergonomics, color psychology, space planning, whole house interior design, etc.

3. The whole house designer should have a full understanding of various decoration materials, such as adhesive materials, hardware materials, and main materials.

4. The whole house designer also needs to learn and understand various decoration techniques, such as water and electricity renovation, waterproof engineering, woodworking crafts and so on.

Ⅱ. What are the requirements for the whole house interior design?

1. Ergonomics

Ergonomics is mainly to study the spatial relationship and scale between people and things. Whether a chair is comfortable to sit up and whether the curvature of the backrest is reasonable closely related to ergonomics.

2. Function and layout of indoor space

The function of the space determines what kind of furniture is used in the space. Function is smply what this indoor space is used for. Is it an open office area? Or a conference room? Is it a study room or a kid's room? What is layout? It is to plan the space, transportation, furniture placement, direction, location, scale, etc. according to the requirements of the indoor space. Space planning determines the selection and placement of different types of furniture. The indoor space layout directly determines the comfort of the entire space. An excellent whole house interior design tends to be more comprehensive and reasonable in terms of layout.

3. Architecture and interior style

Furniture is an important part of indoor space. To design furniture well, we must first determine the style and genre of architecture and interior design. Is it a new Chinese furniture style or a neo-classical style? Only when these styles are determined can the furniture layout of the whole house be carried out in accordance with the style. This is also an important part of the whole house interior design.

4. Furniture materials and structure

The material for custom-made furniture throughout the house is mainly plate. We need to understand the specifications, density, strength, etc. of different furniture plates. The structure of furniture refers to the direct combination of board and board, the combination of board and hardware accessories, etc. Only by knowing the structure of furniture can we better fit the style of interior design and create a comfortable home experience for customers.


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