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What Aspects Does Whole House Customization Include?

1. The key points of whole house customization

During the whole house customization, you first need an overall style design, which is very important. The effect of a house decoration depends first on the overall style design and color matching of the house. With the design drawing and a clear overall decoration style, all the decoration work will be served around the effect picture of decoration style design, and the ideal decoration effect can be achieved in the overall decoration.

2. The key things that need to be paid attention to in the whole house customization

First of all, you need to choose environmentally-friendly door material to conduct the whole house customization. Everyone does decoration after buying a house in order to better enjoy life and improve the quality of life. Therefore, it is the absolute principle to choose good-quality and environmentally-friendly products in home decoration, which can be more beneficial to one's own health.


3. The details of the whole house customization that need to be paid attention to

During the whole house customization, especially when doing custom furniture, such as PVC laminate kitchen cabinets, shoe cabinet customization, wine cabinet customization, overall cabinet customization, bookcase customization, TV cabinet customization, etc, there are many details. In mass decoration, we first need to consider the functionality and practicability of custom furniture. This requires us to design a complete set of graphic design of custom furniture according to our own personalities or living habits when making custom furniture, including the specific and clear dimensions of the various pieces of furniture. In this way, you can see whether the interior graphic design of the furniture has the values of practicality and convenience. Secondly, when choosing various furniture door panels, it is more necessary to consider products with a beautiful appearance according to the decoration funds or personalized design drawings you plan.

Before customizing the whole house, you first need to design a complete set of design drawings. This is the prerequisite for customizing the whole house. In terms of material selection, we must pay attention to environmentally-friendly materials and products, as this kind of materials and products can bring us health and effectively improve our quality of life.

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