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What Is European Furniture? How to Choose European Furniture?

European decoration style has become the choice of more and more people who pursue the taste of life, even if they can not decorate the European style as a whole, some families also like to buy two pieces of exotic furniture at home. But many people do not understand European furniture, and an embarrassing style will be formed once improperly purchased or mismatched. It is necessary to have an in-depth understanding of the European furniture style, the characteristics of European furniture and the matching methods of modern European furniture in order to create a perfect European style.

1. What is European furniture?

European furniture is an important element of European style decoration, with Italian, French, British and Spanish style furniture as the main representatives, paying attention to manual fine cutting and carving. Among them, British furniture is good at hand carving, which has mostly been lost due to historical changes. Italy is the ancestor of furniture in the world, and it is famous for fine mosaic craftsmanship, and it is mostly operated in the form of manual works. The outline and turning parts are composed of symmetrical and rhythmic curves or surfaces, and decorated with gold-plated bronze ornaments, imitation leather, etc. Europe style furniture with concise structure, smooth lines, rich colors and a strong sense of artistry, giving people the overall feeling of luxury, elegance, dignity.

2. How to choose and buy European furniture?

(1) See if the lines are smooth, natural and elegant

(2) Check whether the material is qualified or not

(3) See if the production process is fine or not

(4) See whether the furniture culture is profound or not

(5) Whether the style is graceful or not

3. How to maintain European furniture?

(1) Avoid direct sunlight

Although the winter sun is no longer fierce, but a long period of sun exposure coupled with the already dry climate, the wood is too dry, prone to cracks and partial fading.

(2) Prevent dust

Generally, high-end log furniture made of mahogany, teak, oak, walnut, etc., such as European style doors, has exquisite carving decoration. If you can't clean and remove ash regularly, it's easy to accumulate ash in small cracks, which affects the appearance. At the same time, dust is the killer of wooden furniture's rapid "aging".

(3) Keep furniture moist

The moistening of wooden furniture can't be simply wiped with a wet cloth, but the professional furniture care essential oil, which can lock the moisture in the wood, prevent the wood from cracking and deformation and nourish the wood at the same time, making the wooden furniture shine again from the inside to the outside and  prolonging the service life of the furniture.

(4) Avoid scratching by hard objects

Do not let cleaning tools touch furniture when cleaning. At ordinary times, we should also pay attention not to let hard metal products or other sharp tools collide with furniture, so as to protect its surface from scratch marks and hanging wires.

(5) Regular maintenance

European furniture is gorgeous and exquisite, so many people who pursue high-quality life choose European furniture. The collocation of the European furniture style should be just right in order to reflect the characteristics of European furniture more perfectly. The maintenance of European furniture can not be careless, exquisite furniture needs more meticulous maintenance.

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