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What is PVC and Why Choose PVC Material for Kitchen Cabinets

Features of PVC Material for kitchen cabinets

1. Style features

Polymer series cabinet doors are divided into two effects: glossy and matte. Both have the bright color and gorgeous quality of baking lacquer, but also tougher and more wear-resistant than baking lacquer. After a certain modeling treatment, fashionable and classic, glossy and delicate, soft colors.

2. Suitable for kitchen

The surface is smooth and easy to clean, no messy colors and complicated lines, suitable for ordinary families with a small area, simple and bright design of the kitchen, everything is mainly practical.

Advantages of PVC Material for Kitchen Cabinets

PVC board kitchen cabinets produced by PVC kitchen cabinet manufacturers are not cracked and not deformed, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, fade-resistant. Rich color, realistic wood grain, monochromatic chromaticity is pure. Seamless PVC film pressure molding process does not need to seal the edge, there is no open glue problem. Daily maintenance is also very simple, does not require special maintenance. Because the surface is PVC film, so the performance of high-temperature resistance is poor, the service life is relatively short.

PVC foam sheet is a new environmentally friendly material, known as a non-defective sheet in foreign countries, inside and outside the double paste, no oil seepage, no water seepage, scratch resistance, also known as blister board, the substrate for the density board, the surface of the vacuum blister or a seamless PVC film forming process, environmental protection, pollution-free, reusable, is the most ideal alternative cabinet materials, more convenient, the most suitable for people's lives. Doors in the normal size without sealing edge, waterproof, moisture-proof, hardness, and flexibility.

PVC panels for kitchen cabinets have more special characteristics, because it is a collection of the characteristics of PVC foam panels: waterproof, moisture-proof, non-absorbent, can effectively prevent deformation and cracking and other symptoms occur, while the surface of PVC foam panels can be produced in bright colors, frosted granular sense and striped appearance, more advantageous is the production of PVC foam panels cabinet closet and bathroom cabinets acid and alkali resistant color variation The long service life, colorful and long-lasting, and can be processed like wood drilling, sawing, nailing, planing, gluing, etc., the board can also be secondary processing for thermoforming; light texture and transport construction is more convenient.

PVC kitchen cabinets are made of PVC material because its surface is smooth and easy to clean, no messy colors and complicated lines, waterproof and corrosion-resistant, moisture-resistant, not cracked, long service life, so more suitable for ordinary families in the area is not large, simple and bright design of the kitchen.

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