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What is the Difference Between Whole House Customization and All-inclusive Decoration

1. Whole house customization and all-inclusive decoration

Whole house customization and all-inclusive decoration are both concepts that appear in the design process of interior decoration. The biggest difference is that the whole house customization mainly focuses on the coordination and beauty of indoor furniture. All-inclusive decoration lays emphasis on the overall decoration process and the cooperation with professional interior design companies.


2. The difference between whole house customization and all-inclusive decoration

Whole house customization is to use coordinated and unified custom furniture to match the interior soft furnishings, covering storage spaces such as cabinets, wardrobes, wine cabinets, etc., which coordinates with the interior hard furnishings so as to avoid the trouble of doing family soft furnishing and indoor layout after hard furnishing. The design effect of soft furnishings which are unified and coordinated of the whole house customization is often practical and more beautiful. Since the personalized design of the whole house customization is more in line with the individual requirements, custom furniture is generally fully commissioned to a  home furniture China company, which can often provide more satisfactory after-sales service at a slightly higher price.

All-inclusive decoration refers to the contracting of labor and materials in the decoration process, including the later construction and the purchase of all building materials, which are handed over to the decoration company. Because the construction and material purchase are integrated, the price will naturally be more expensive compared to the non-inclusive and half-inclusive decoration. In most of the process of home improvement and decoration, half-inclusive decoration is adopted. Owners who need the all-inclusive decoration for the interior space must be cautious when they choose a decoration company in an early stage, because the materials and construction are all in the responsibility of the decoration company, taking into account the quality of decoration and the investment-effectiveness ratio of the economic budget.

Regardless of whether it is a half-inclusive or all-inclusive decoration company, after the later effect picture of the decoration plan with professional designers is released, the effect of the decoration design based on the decoration effect picture and construction drawing is generally not bad. If the owner prefers the whole house customization, it is recommended that the owner negotiate the specific content of the whole house customization in advance, and communicate with the chief designer in detail to avoid the situation that the customization cannot be conducted exactly.

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