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What is the Most Space-saving Way to Arrange the Furniture?

The new house is well decorated, and the room furniture can be put in. Many people's strategy for placing room furniture is to "follow the feeling". In fact, this approach is very wrong and will make the space very messy. In fact, there are a lot of special attention to furniture placement. Let me share with you the most space-saving tips on how to arrange the room furniture. If you are interested, you can take a look.

1. Room furniture: entrance hall layout

Use the wall trend to make a full-top storage cabinet, and the large space can meet the storage needs of the room. The cabinet is layered up and down, with a recessed design in the middle, which allows small items such as keys to be placed in it at will, and at the same time avoids the feeling of space constriction brought by the fully enclosed cabinet. In addition, placing storage cabinets in the entrance hall conforms to the feng shui layout of the hallway, and can also block the impact of outdoor evil spirits on the living room's wealth.

2. Living room furniture layout

The living room furniture layout is mainly spacious, and sofas, coffee tables, and TV cabinets can form the basic hospitality space. The sofa is the most important room furniture in the living room, and the placement of the sofa determines the final decorative effect of the living room. The most common form of sofa placement is U-shaped placement, which can make full use of every inch of space. Place a 3-2-1 sofa along the wall, with a matching coffee table in the middle, on which place fruit bowls and snacks. In your free time, sitting on the sofa and chatting with your family can enhance mutual feelings. It is also good to place the sofa in a straight shape, and you can try this arrangement in a small apartment. The two-seater sofa can be displayed against the wall, and two round stools can be placed around the coffee table, which is convenient for people to use for a long time.

3. Room furniture: restaurant layout

The dining table is the most important room furniture in the restaurant, and the symmetrical arrangement of the dining table can best reflect the sense of order in the space design. If the area of the restaurant is relatively large, set the dining table in the middle position with two dining chairs at the front and back, and they are arranged in a symmetrical manner, keeping a proper distance, so that there is no sense of crowding. If the restaurant area is too small, place the dining table on one side against the wall, reserve enough aisle space, and arrange two dining chairs at the front and back to meet the needs of multiple people dining at the same time. In addition, it is also a good layout method to keep the dining table and the wall parallel in a straight line, and to create a card seat sofa with storage function instead of dining chairs relying on the wall.

4. Room furniture: bathroom layout

Although the area of the bathroom is small, the wall space is cleverly used, and a small area also has a large storage space. We usually use a variety of towels when washing, such as bath towels, face towels, hair wiping towels, etc., all kinds of towels are opened to dry, so that bacteria will not breed, so the storage rack is essential. Scattered items such as soap, shower gel, and shampoo also need special storage space. A tripod can be placed at the corner of the two walls, which not only takes up space, but also can organize the scattered items in an orderly manner. The space above the toilet must not be wasted. It is also good to install a shelf, put green plants and ornaments on it.

5. Room furniture: kitchen layout

The modular kitchen PVC cabinets are customized according to the direction of the wall trend, and the placement of the refrigerator is reserved, and the storage area of the kitchen is increased by the combination of the upper cabinet + the lower cabinet. Generally speaking, the main reason for the clutter of the kitchen is that there are too many items on the countertop, and the cabinets can be installed in a basket to perfectly solve the problem of space clutter. Placing all kinds of condiments in layers is not only convenient for access, but also keeps the countertop tidy, and the overall appearance is simple and neat.

6. Room furniture: bedroom layout

The most important room furniture in the bedroom is the bed and wardrobe. If the bedroom area is large, use the wardrobe as a partition to divide the bedroom into an independent office and study area. The sliding wardrobe is designed to connect to the top, and the desk is arranged in the window area to ensure good indoor lighting. If the bedroom area is relatively small, the combination of tatami bed + desk + wardrobe maximizes the use of the room space and integrates sleeping, storage, learning and other functions to meet different functional needs. This combination method is especially suitable for children's room decoration.

7. Room furniture: balcony layout

The balcony space is not large, but the storage function can also be realized by placing the appropriate room furniture. A special washbasin is customized according to the width of the wall, integrating the three functions of washing machine + cabinet + washbasin to keep the space simple and neat. At the wall on the other side, create a top-mounted storage cabinet, and use the shelf to subdivide different storage spaces inside to meet the storage needs of different items and maximize the storage function.

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