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What Materials Are Generally Used for European Style Cabinets?

When decorating the kitchen, many owners will choose European style kitchen cabinets if they can afford them, and many of them prefer the unique Roman column. But since European style cabinets are selected, what type of material can perfect express the elegant and noble European style?


1. External matching of European style cabinets

Different European style cabinet are matched with different styles of panels. The log panels are more suitable for European style cabinets. Generally, many families choose crystal panels or melamine panels. The colors of these two panels are more and can be used for more fashionable cabinets. Consumers should fully coordinate the style of European style cabinet with the overall style of their home decoration.

For example, the surface of the wooden board is generally processed by the paint finish. The color of the varnished board is very conspicuous, the surface is smooth, and it looks high-grade. Laminate is also very wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-penetration, easy to clean, while melamine board is fireproof, waterproof and wear-resistant, and has rich colors and fashionable shapes.

2. The inner quality of European style cabinets

There are various types of door panels of European style cabinet, and different types of European style cabinet panels have their own advantages, and the panel quality of European style cabinets will directly affect the future use.

The European style cabinet will be used for three to five years at least. If the quality is not good and the cabinet needs repaired, owners will be annoyed about it. Therefore, in addition to choosing an European style cabinet panel according to the style of the house and your own preferences, you should choose a trustworthy brand and a high-quality panel.

3. Several tips for choosing door panels for European style cabinets

The first is to look at: the thickness of a cabinet door panel is generally 18 cm, the edge of the high-quality door panel is straight and smooth, the joint is fine, there is no sawtooth print, the color of the finish is fresh and pure, the texture is clear and good, the coating is full, there is a stereoscopic sense, the finish has no scratches, and there is a grooved shape, sharp edges and corners.

The last is to smell: cabinet door panels made of environmentally friendly materials have very light or no odor. If there is a pungent smell, there is a problem of excessive polluting gases.

However, the disadvantage of baking paint is that it requires high technical requirements and has a high rejection rate, so the price remains high. Take good care of the cabinet, as it is fragile and difficult to repair once damaged.

Summary: the choice of European style cabinet panel is crucial. It determines the service life and overall style of the European style cabinets we choose. Therefore, consumers must be careful when choosing.

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