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What Should We Pay Attention to when Customizing the Cabinets in the Whole House Customization

After owning a new house, the decoration of the new house is indispensable, and the cabinets in the overall home space are even more indispensable, such as: entrance cabinets, kitchen cabinets, dining side cabinets and wine cabinets, living room TV cabinets, bedroom wardrobes, study bookcases, room tatami mats, bathroom cabinets, and balcony cabinets. These cabinets may all be needed. What should we pay attention to when customizing the cabinets of the whole house customization?


1. Should the color for the custom cabinets be uniform in the whole house customization?

Before the decoration, many consumers have to determine the overall space uniformity of the whole house customization. In terms of the budget, if the overall decoration is better, the whole house customization will make the house neat and uniform, because every room is visually unified when entering the house, and naturally the aesthetics will come out. Besides, the overall home style will be unified and the home environment will be more orderly.

2. Should the cabinets of the whole house customization be designed to a full-top style?

Choosing the whole house customization is to make a reasonable design according to personal preferences and personalized space structure. At present, many families will choose the full-top mixing kitchen cabinet styles design. One reason is to increase the storage space, and the other is that it is is easy to clean. However, according to the structure of the apartment, not all rooms are suitable for the full-top wardrobe. If the space is small and compact, choosing the full-top wardrobe will create a depressing atmosphere, and both visually and overall the experience is not good.

3. Environmental protection and safety of cabinets should be ensured in the whole house customization

When decorating a new house, there will be more or less formaldehyde content. Therefore, you must pay attention to the decoration materials. When decorating, pay attention to choose high-level environmental protection panels within the scope of economic ability, because formaldehyde has a great impact on children, which cannot be ignored. Before choosing a custom cabinet of the whole house customization, learn more about the environmental protection level. At present, there are many brands of whole house customization on the market, so you should choose those with sufficient experience in the industry.

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