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Whole House Customization Methods for the Small Apartment

What kind of apartment is called a small apartment? Generally, we define the small apartment based on the size of the area, and the small apartment below 80 square meters is basically a small apartment.

So do you know what should be paid attention to when decorating a small apartment? Is the small apartment suitable for whole house customization? What is the necessary small-sized custom furniture? Which part does not need to be customized?

Ⅰ. Is the small apartment suitable for whole house customization?

First of all, let's first learn whether the small apartment is suitable for whole house customization. Whole house customization is the main mode of home improvement at the moment. Therefore, whole house customization will always be realized no matter what the size is. Customization itself is a relatively flexible mode and will have a brand new design according to the size of the home space. Small units are often more suitable for whole-house customization than large-scale home spaces and can be rationalized according to the owner's living habits and needs. In this way, the overall practicability is higher, and at the same time, it also avoids the possibility of improper size and congested space.

Whole House Customization

Ⅱ. Is all-custom furniture necessary inside a small department?

The small apartment is more suitable for customization of the whole house, but does the small apartment require all custom-made furniture? Not all furniture is suitable for customization, so what trade-offs need to be made for small-sized customized furniture? First of all, home cabinets, cabinets, wardrobes, and balcony cabinets are indispensable, and they are also important furniture in the daily life of the home. So what are the less needed ones? In fact, like a small apartment, wine cabinets and sideboards can be completely ignored. In addition, if you don't need a TV cabinet, you can try to avoid it, which can make the living room look more spacious.

Ⅲ. Precautions for the space layout and color matching in the whole house customization of the small apartment

1. Style selection. When customizing the whole house, you must first determine the overall style, such as modern simplicity, European style furniture, and so on.

2. Space layout. For the whole house customization, the overall spatial layout is very important, and the reasonable placement affects the overall beauty and practicality. For example, the overall layout of the kitchen should consider the user's operating habits. For the layouts, you could choose "L", "U", and other types. A reasonable layout can not only meet the needs of users but also achieve a large part of the space for multiple uses.

3. Color matching. Choose the overall color matching according to the style of the design. There should not be too many colors, which will cause visual clutter, and the color matching should match the overall decoration style.

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