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Why is Whole-house Customization More and More Popular?

Ⅰ. What is whole house customization?

1. Whole-house customization is a furniture customization solution that integrates furniture design, customization, installation and other services. Whole-house customization is made by furniture companies based on large-scale production and according to consumers' design requirements, which is for hard decoration. 

2. The designer furniture manufacturers send a professional surveyor to the owner's house to take field measurements. According to the layout and spatial location of the room, it is designed to match the original decoration style, and then re-stored and re-designed.


Ⅱ. Why is whole house customization more and more popular?

1. In line with the pursuit of modern life

With the development of society and the rapid development of science and technology, consumers are paying more and more attention to the improvement of life style. On the basis of pragmatic furniture, its artistic value and aesthetic function have become increasingly prominent. As an upgraded version of the overall furniture, the whole house customization is outstanding, and in-depth communication with consumers is emphasized in the design process. The house owner could select customized mixed kitchen cabinet styles or uv kitchen cabinet design or others.

2. The decoration process

Decoration for new house has become a headache for urban white-collar workers. First of all, the decoration cycle is long, and sometimes the project can last as long as half a year, which seriously affects the work and life of consumers. Whole house customization allows consumers to enjoy the overall advantages while also saving a lot of time.

3. Environmental protection

A company that can launch a whole-house customization must have deep technical precipitation and brand reputation, which is a symbol of strength. In addition, the whole house customization pays attention to the excavation of environmental protection, whether it is in the selection of materials or in the process of craftsmanship, environmental protection has been elevated to a supreme position.

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